Brand Valium


Brand Valium is manufactured by Abbott Roche utilised to treat anxiety issues and swing your mood contains active ingredient diazepam. It is utilised to treat liquor withdrawal. It is used to treat anxiety disorder, Valium will also help you against depression or sadness because of active ingredient works as anti depressant. buy Brand Valium from drugs unit.

Brand Valium: Valium 10mg

Strength QTY Per/Pill
Total price Order Now
Valium 10mg 30 3.33 99.90
Valium 10mg 60 2.91 174.60
Valium 10mg 90 2.66 239.40
Valium 10mg 120 2.50 300.00
Valium 10mg 150 2.33 349.50
Valium 10mg 200 2.10 420.00

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