Brand Clonazepam (rivortril) is manufactured by Abbott Roche, a medication with many uses is essentially a tranquilliser. Commonly consumed as treatment for seizures and anxiety issues Clonazepam is easily obtained and is an inexpensive drug. Clonazepam fights panic attacks with the soothing effect it has on brain nerves. drugs unit offers Clonazepam at affordable prices.

Klonopin: 2mg

Strength QTY Per/Pill
Total price Order Now
2mg 30 3.33 99.90
2mg 60 2.91 174.60
2mg 90 2.66 239.40
2mg 120 2.50 300.00
2mg 150 2.33 349.50
2mg 200 2.10 420.00

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