Testosterone Cypionate


Testosterone cypionate is highly androgenic anabolic steroid.Testosterone cypionate comes as an injectable solution which is administered to your muscle with the help of injections . You can give this solution to yourself at home after your specialist demonstrates to you how. Testosterone cypionate is utilised to treat manifestations of hypogonadism in guys. In this condition, guys don’t deliver enough of the sex hormone testosterone.

Testosterone Cypionate: 250mg/ml X 10ml

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250mg/ml X 10ml 1 80.00 80.00
250mg/ml X 10ml 2 75.00 150.00
250mg/ml X 10ml 3 70.00 210.00
250mg/ml X 10ml 5 65.00 325.00
250mg/ml X 10ml 10 55.00 550.00