Head On 16IU Kit


HGH Head On 16iu kit Comes in a powder form and its administered with Injection . HGH is important for the growth of muscles and bones . It lowers the fat mass, blood pressure, provides muscle mass, balances the cholesterol level in the body and increased exercise performance.

Head On 16IU Kit: Somatropin 16IU

Strength QTY Per/Pill (Price) Total price Order Now
Somatropin 16IU 1 120.00 120.00
Somatropin 16IU 2 115.00 230.00
Somatropin 16IU 3 105.00 315.00
Somatropin 16IU 5 95.00 475.00
Somatropin 16IU 10 80.00 800.00

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